Math Riddles

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Two brothers have a flock of sheep. One day a purchaser makes them a bid: "I will give you so euros per sheep as sheeps you have in the flock". The brothers accepted and the purchaser payed them using just 10 euros notes and 1 euro coins. There was less than 10 coins. In order to divide the money, the older brother took a note, then he gave his brother a note, and he followed this way sharing out the notes between them. The last note was for him. Then, the younger brother said: "You got the first note and the last, so you have 10 more euros than me". And the older replied: "Take all the coins". After that, the younger said: "But there are less than 10 coins, you have more money anyway". Finally, the older proposed: "Ok, I will make out a cheque to you in order for us to have the same money". The question is: What is the cheque value?